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Go Energy Partner REWARDS Program

We are excited to have you here with us!

We have been working very hard to bring the Public (renters & homeowners), REALTORS, Property Managers, CPA's & Attorneys, and Builders a simple way to send a referral and get incentives for doing so. For our HONORED professional partners we are providing a ground-breaking set of tools that add tremendous value to the service you provide (including a solution to contract issues due to the home inspection)


Since you're here, allow us to share a little bit of excitement with you. Go Energy is an energy auditing company that provides homeowners with an assessment of the levels of energy inefficiency in their home. We then submit the findings to the Empower Maryland program for eligible rebates to be applied toward the proposed home improvements.


WHALAH! The homeowner has improved the property value and we move onto the next with a referral to do the same for their friends and family and for the clients of our professional partners. 

Being so "close to home" with our nature of work and how our business and services could massively improve the service a real estate professional could provide, we've met and our collective brain-power created a strategy that will do just that!


We call it our "Follow the Footprint" campaign and this section of our website is being developed as various "toolboxes" for the public and professional toolboxes for our Pro Partners.



So... Who do you know that has ANY of the following issues? Oh, you don't have to answer this question right now. Let's get you registered 1st so you'll get credit for sharing your referral. 

Crazy! This is almost everyone we know, too!

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